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Mystique Orchid

Ritual Oil - Road Opener

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Opens Doors to Opportunities & Removes Obstacles

Road Opener Oils are powerful at removing blockages and obstacles and helping to open new doors and create new opportunities for the user. I used this oil on myself and also by anointing my spell candle for a Road Opener spell and voila! Issues that were holding up my home building process were cleared within a week and everything is now going smoothly again #grateful.

Road Opener must contain an important herb called Abre Camino to have optimal desired effect to be a true “Road Opener.” I’ve infused this oil with a teaspoon of Abre Camino “Road Opener” powder amongst other magickal herbs and crystals to include other intentions such as warding off jealous evil eyes, protection against envious people that aren’t truly happy for your successes but also help attract success, prosperity and other positive manifestation wishes into your life.

Everything is infused in Grapeseed oil making it suitable for use on the skin. This oil can be used in your bath by dropping 3 drops in, applied on your wrist and neck just like an oil perfume or even use to anoint your candle if you’re performing a related spell. With anything, your belief, intentions and energy must be synched into the use of this oil prior to application to get an outcome. I recommend repeating the following affirmation 6 to 9 times (from the popular 369 method) before use …

“I unblock all obstacles that are holding me back from achieving my highest good. I open all doors to roads of opportunities and welcome all positive abundance my way. So mote it be!”

All my oils are handmade by me with love & care using only the finest ingredients in entirely reusable & recyclable 30ml clear glass bottles that is sealed with gold glass dropper pipettes.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you do a patch test on your skin first to see how your skin reacts before using the oil on a more regular basis. It is also imperative that all my oils are kept away from direct sunlight to prevent the blend from deteriorating quickly.

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Ritual Oil - Road OpenerRitual Oil - Road Opener