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Mystique Orchid

MystiQue Sweatshirt

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My apparels are law of attraction based, spiritually-infused pieces. Every one of my apparels are illustrated by me and birthed with magickal intentions in my very own high vibrational home space.

My creative designs meets cosmic connection. By weaving favourite quotes, mantras and spiritual symbols into my designs, while highlighting the magic of intention, is the ultimate blend. Ensuring my apparels carry a touch of the ethereal is paramount. I’m celebrating a journey where fashion, spirituality, and the power of mantras converge. My vision is to craft Tees that not only adorns the body but also elevates the celestial spirit that we are.


The most relatable quote of all! As the collective consciousness expands to all things manifesting and magickal, the more these words resonate. True practices in our day to day life. Can you all celestial beings relate? 😄

Quote: “I’m a sage burning, crystal collecting, candle lighting, moon admiring, tea drinking kinda soul”

Fabric: Super super soft and lightweight 100% Polyester sweatshirts. I find it to be just perfect for any season. I have sensitive skin and am very particular about my choice of fabric and how it feels on my skin. I also get warm fast and easily. This fabric isn’t too thick and is great to layer over this winter. 

Sizing: (Size chart with measurements of actual apparel in images)

  • 1XL = Great on Sizes AU 10-12 Women’s 
  • 2XL = Great on Sizes AU 12-14 Women’s 
  • 3XL = Great on Sizes AU 14-16 Women’s 
  • 4XL = Great on Sizes AU 16-18 Women’s 
  • 5XL = Great on Sizes AU 18-20 Women’s 


MystiQue SweatshirtMystiQue SweatshirtMystiQue SweatshirtMystiQue SweatshirtMystiQue Sweatshirt