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Mystique Orchid

“My Cup is Always Full” Quantum Leap Manifesting Mug

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Unleash your inner manifestor with my rose gold (the colour of love) mug for self love

The Law of Attraction simply says that "What we think about, we bring about." It's the idea that we can attract anything we want into our lives by visualizing our desired results through the mantra. “I Don't Chase, I Attract” which helps align our subconscious thoughts closely with the Law of Attraction.

“An abundant mindset is a magnet to more abundance”

Quantum jump by drinking your favourite coffee or tea in this Mantra intention mug! A tool you can now use and include iinto your manifestation ritual.

What is Quantum Jumping Manifestation?

Quantum jumping manifestation is when you manage to shift your mindset by a leap in your mind. This happens by shifting your mindset to a vibrational match of a reality you want to achieve in your life. Visualisation, writing manifestation and positive thinking are great tools to help you do a quantum jump.

Quantum jumping manifestation is a leap in your mind where your state of being changes the vibration and matches you up to a new reality. Whatever you thought was impossible to achieve, becomes achievable.

If you want to experience a quantum shift and experience quantum jumping manifestation, mastering your mindset is ESSENTIAL.

When your brain is programmed to produce negative thoughts, it will be challenging in the beginning to do a leap in your mind and shift to an abundance mindset. By practice, it will become easier as you train your mind to focus on abundance instead of scarcity .

The brain learns by repetition. So the same way you learned limiting beliefs through repeated life experiences, you can learn empowering beliefs which support you.

“Unlearn what you have learned, and set yourself free.”

Are quantum shifts instantaneous?

A quantum shift is not instantaneous. It takes time to break through limiting beliefs and old conditioning. It requires inner work to unlearn old patterns and make space for new beliefs. However, it is possible to shift into a new reality which might have seemed impossible in a short amount of time.

How can you apply a quantum shift in your life?

When I ask people what they want in life, they reply by saying what they don’t want. So their mind is not focusing on what they want, let alone on how they can achieve it.

The universe responds to whatever you are focusing on. It doesn’t seem to care whether it is good for you or not. Because we all have free will, a choice to focus on whatever we want. It responds to the signal you send out to it.

Try it out for yourself! The next time you start the morning on a negative note, be disciplined enough to lift yourself up. Set the intention to have a good day despite your challenging morning.

You will notice that if you say to yourself that you will have a bad day, you WILL DEFINITELY have a bad day. I mean what do you expect….?

On the other hand if you say to yourself that you will have a great day and make the most of it, you will find that you have an inner strength to face whatever comes your way. And you respond to challenges in a different way, a way that turns everything into an opportunity.

When you train your mind to focus on what you want, your mind starts building up a framework to achieve your goals. Every vision and every dream starts with a thought. It all boils down to how much energy and effort you’re willing to put into it.

So in this case, by using this mug, you’re already setting the intention with this mantra and embedding it into the fluid you’re drinking.

A truly magickal mug to gift yourself to have with our magickal tea blends or gifted to your favourite coffee or tea friend!
Material: Ceramic Electroplated Mug
Dimensions: H9.5cm x W8cm 

The Mug is not microwave safe

“My Cup is Always Full” Quantum Leap Manifesting Mug“My Cup is Always Full” Quantum Leap Manifesting Mug