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Mystique Orchid

Love Spell Manifestation Candle

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❤️ I Am Loving & Loved! ❤️

Everything on Earth holds spiritual energy. With that in mind, the herbs, flowers and crystals used to create each candle were all intuitively selected based on the energetic frequency they each hold. Colours and fragrances do the same too and together they finish off each intention candle based on their respective energetic use. In this case, to invite and manifest more healing energy of love with each burn of this candle - particularly more self-love and acceptance for oneself. We often forget that we are more than enough for people, expectations, relationships, living a good life and so on. So, let this candle work its energetic frequency and help you realise the inner beautiful being you truly are - that you are truly loved and loving of yourself. This is merely a tool to include into your manifestation practices.

All my intention candles are vegan-friendly and handmade in Perth Australia by me in my own home with a lot of love and positive energy using only dried herbs, dried flowers, soy wax and fragrance oils. All my candles are consciously cleansed, reiki blessed and charged to their specific intentions before, during the candle making process and after.

The large candle contains 225g of wax that will burn for up to 30 hours. The large candle contains 450g of wax and offers up to 60 hours of magikal burn.

Candle Details

Jar colour: Clear crystal opulent vintage-style jars, or gold aluminium
Details: Designed with soy wax roses 🌹 (choice of small colourful roses or one big heart rose) with colours of glittering mica powder brushed on them
Scent: Let the alluring aroma of this beautiful floral, musk fragrance transport your senses with its exquisite blend of top citrus peel and neroli blossom notes, underpinned by a delicate bouquet of pink rose, banana flower, and geranium leaves, and softened with a sweet amber, sandalwood, and chiffon musk base. Treat yourself to a truly luxurious aromatic experience.

Top notes: Citrus Peel, Neroli Blossom, 
Mid notes: Rose, Banana Flower, Geranium Leaves. 
Base notes: Sweet Amber, Sandalwood, Chiffon Musk

Spiritual properties: Love, lust, romance and healing

Flowers: Dried Rose petals & Hibiscus petals
Best day(s) to burn this candle: Fridays & Sundays

You are precious to us! Please take care when using our candles. You can find safety tips and our disclaimer here.

Love Spell Manifestation CandleLove Spell Manifestation CandleLove Spell Manifestation Candle