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Taroteca Studio

The Dark Mansion Tarot

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Only 1 brand new deck available!

Gold matte gilded edges with antique brown artwork to the back of the cards (as pictured above). Photos are of my own deck. 

My Favourite go-to tarot deck …. 

You would’ve seen me use this deck a lot in many of my private readings and pick-a-card readings as they are my favourite go-to tarot deck. The artwork is just so beautiful and detailed and has a very “Tim Burton” style to them - I love how the images in each card tells a thorough story on their own. The cards allow me to tap into my intuition easily (like looking into a crystal ball the old fashioned way) that majority of the time I’m not just relying on the basic tarot interpretations and meanings to give an accurate reading. I’m telling a story based on what I see in the cards and what I’m hearing from spirit to decipher the messages coming through for the querent.

The images are crisp and clear and the colours are so vibrant and aesthetically lovely to look at. This deck is the large edition that’s not available to purchase anywhere else in Australia and I only have this one brand new deck up for grabs. Once it’s gone it’s gone and I won’t be getting anymore in once it’s gone. Will you be the lucky owner to own this beautiful deck? My cards are predicting a big YES! 😉

A little backstory to this tarot deck …. 

The Dark Mansion Tarot was a combined creation by Krzysztof Wasiuk who is the originator, producer and founder of Taroteca Studio and the talented graphic artist Magdalena Kaczan. It took 2 and a half years for them to create the Dark Mansion Tarot. The lovely artwork was put together with the use of hand and digital illustration techniques and after countless amounts of creative trial and errors, the hard work and creativity combined has resulted in this beautiful finished deck that’s so unique and sort after by many. 

This Large sized deck of The Dark Mansion Tarot includes: 

  • Major & Minor Arcana 79 cards (size 14cm x 8.78cm)  
  • 350g high-quality thick paper that’s finished with a silk matte lamination coating 
  • Matte gold gilded edges 
  • Comes packed in a durable and elegant storage box that’s wrapped in its original plastic wrapping 

IMPORTANT NOTE : Tarot decks by Taroteca Studios do not include a booklet with the card interpretations. Therefore their decks are best suited to those that have experience with reading the Rider Waite tarot cards. With that, you would combine their basic meanings with the use of your intuition to decipher the messages behind the images of each tarot card.

The Dark Mansion TarotThe Dark Mansion TarotThe Dark Mansion TarotThe Dark Mansion Tarot