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Mystique Orchid


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My “MANIFES-TEEs” are law-of-attraction-based, spiritually-infused pieces. Every one of my “MANIFES-TEEs” is illustrated by me and birthed with magickal intentions in my very own high vibrational home space.

My creative designs meet cosmic connection by weaving favourite quotes, mantras and spiritual symbols while highlighting the magic of intention, which is the ultimate blend. Ensuring my “MANIFES-TEEs” carry a touch of the ethereal is paramount. I’m celebrating a journey where fashion, spirituality, and the power of mantras converge. My vision is to craft Tees that not only adorn the body but also elevate the celestial spirit that we are.

Unleash your inner manifestor with my black Sri Yantra tee For Wealth, Prosperity and Success.

The Law of Attraction simply says "What we think about, we bring about." It's the idea that we can attract anything we want into our lives by visualizing our desired results through the mantra. “I Don't Chase, I Attract” which helps align our subconscious thoughts closely with the Law of Attraction.

Unlocking Wealth, Prosperity, and Success: The Power of Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra sacred geometry is a symbol of financial abundance and is said to embody the fundamental principles of creation and existence. Its intricate patterns are believed to resonate with the cosmic vibrations, thus serving as a conduit for higher energies and aiding in meditation and manifestation. I’ve deliberately designed the symbol placement to be between the heart chakra and sacral chakra for such reasons.

One of the most sought-after benefits associated with the Sri Yantra is its ability to attract wealth and abundance. By meditating on or focusing one’s intentions towards the Sri Yantra, practitioners aim to align themselves with the flow of cosmic prosperity. The sacred geometry is believed to influence the subconscious mind, rewiring thought patterns and beliefs related to scarcity, thereby opening doors to financial opportunities.

Prosperity encompasses more than just material wealth; it encompasses overall well-being and success in various aspects of life. The Sri Yantra is thought to aid in manifesting prosperity by aligning an individual’s intentions with universal harmony. By visualizing the Sri Yantra and meditating upon it, one can tap into the energies that promote growth, success, and contentment.

Success often involves overcoming challenges and obstacles while maintaining a clear focus on one’s goals. The Sri Yantra’s intricate design mirrors life’s complexities and its central point, the “bindu,” represents the convergence of divine consciousness and human endeavor. By meditating on the Sri Yantra, individuals may cultivate mental clarity, resilience, and determination, qualities essential for achieving success.

Mantra: “I Don’t Chase, I Attract”

Fabric: Super super soft 100% Polyester with jersey-like stretch. I find it to be just perfect for any season. I have sensitive skin and am very particular about my choice of fabric and how it feels on my skin. I also get warm fast and easily. This fabric feels so cooling on. 

Sizing: This item is designed to be an OVERSIZED fit and is baggy as seen photographed - very 90s trend. Size down if you prefer a smaller fit on you.

Sizes available: 
* 0XL = Great on Sizes AU 10-12 Womens
* 1XL = Great on Sizes AU 12-14 Womens
* 2XL = Great on Sizes AU 14-16 Womens
* 3XL = Great on Sizes AU 16-18 Womens
* 4XL = Great on Sizes AU 18-20 Womens