Illustrated image of the goddess hecate

Hecate is the known as the Goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, the moon and is linked to the world of ghosts and necromancy. Her position gave her divine authority and absolute control over magic and she has been called the Queen of the Witches. Working with Hecate can be very supportive when connecting with your higher self, intuition, and energy work. Calling on the guidance and support of Hecate in ritual or spell work will enhance your connection and solidify your intentions. Hecate's archetypical energy can help light the way in your spiritual endeavours as well as when seeking guidance and support when going through transformation and healing.  

Hecate is one of the triple goddesses, which means she is able to bring medicine and magic to all faces and stages of the woman and life. Her energy can be used to support women in all areas from midwifery, moon cycles, pain and grief and to support all people through the transitions of life helping us to find and build the bridges at our crossroads, as well as supporting the exploration of the suppressed or hidden parts of ourselves and our yin side to bring them out into the light and support the expression of our authentic selves in their fullness. 

Hecate is also associated with residual witch wounds and can be called upon by those who are trying to work through their fears or blocks around stepping into their esoteric selves of fear of ridicule, reprimand or exclusion as well as those harbouring deep fear and insecurity about being seen for who they truly are within relationships, society and themselves. Hecate can help dissolve any feelings of being punished or feeling like you do not deserve reward and pleasure.