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Mystique Orchid

Scented Intention Candle - Christmas

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🎄🪵 Christmas Candles 🪵🎄 

Bring on the Christmas festivities with this spicy, creamy, sweet concoction.  

The smell of eggnog in the air is just absolutely yummy with strong notes of spice and cinnamon combined with the sweetness and indulgence of vanilla bean. Infused with intuitively chosen Yule/Christmas herbs and crystals with ingredients to help attract energies of success, joy and abundance into your space when burnt. I had fun making these candles whilst channeling intentions of love, joy and togetherness during its entire making and creation process. 

These candles are much larger than my usual ones and hold a much longer burn time of over 50hrs. A candle that will be very popular at Christmas! A magickal candle that can be placed within the living room or be part of a table setting with your loved ones crowded together this festive season. 

This year’s limited edition pieces just like our Christmas “Bountiful Baubles” last year that sold out within the first week! Only 12 candles made! So once they’re gone, they’re gone! 

If you’re feeling energetic blocks too, I recommend adding 3 drops of my “Road Opener” oil into the candle with each burn. The oil contains an important herb called Abre Camino. Abre Camino literally translates to “Road Opener”. The herb is known to help clear obstacles, remove blockages and increase the success rate to achieving your goals. It helps open doors to luck and prosperity and removes energies that are preventing you from achieving love, success, health, happiness, etc. It also helps open new doors and create new opportunities. You can get your own bottle of my “Road Opener” oil here. 

All our intention candles are vegan friendly and handmade in Perth, Western Australia with a lot of love and positive energy using only high quality crystals, dried herbs, dried flowers, soy wax and fragrance oils. All our candles are consciously cleansed, reiki blessed and charged to their specific intentions before, during the candle making process and after.

This candle contains around 400g of wax and will give you an amazing 50-60hrs burn.  

Candle Details

Colour: Green candle with gold Mica glitter powder in a red crystal vintage style jars  

Crystals: Citrine chips

Scent: Sweet vanilla scent of spiced eggnog and cinnamon

Spiritual Properties: Manifestation, Love, Joy, Abundance, Prosperity, Success, Healing, Protection & Spirituality  

Flowers & Herbs: Clover, Cinnamon stick, Star Anise, Bay Leaf, Rose Petals & Rosemary 
Best day(s) to burn this candle: Winter Solstice / Yule / Christmas / Festive Seasons

You are precious to us! Please take care when using our candles. You can find safety tips and our disclaimer here.

Scented Intention Candle - ChristmasScented Intention Candle - Christmas Scented Intention Candle - Christmas