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Mystique Orchid

Scented Intention Candle - Serve & Protect

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🧿 I Am Protected 🧿

Everything on Earth holds spiritual energy. With that in mind, the herbs, flowers and crystals used to create each candle were all intuitively selected based on the energetic frequency they each hold. Colours and fragrances do the same too and together they finish off each intention candle based on their respective energetic use. In this case, to invite and manifest protective energy.

Black candles have been misconceived as “dark workings” but this is actually not true. Black candles actually dispel negativity, ward off Evil Eye and offer a lot of spiritual protection. This candle aids spiritual protection and the removal of malicious or negative energies from your sacred space. The use of black candles have been known to reverse curses and hexes as well as enhance inner strength, resilience and self-control.

If you’re feeling energetic blocks too, I recommend adding 3 drops of my “Road Opener” oil into the candle with each burn. The oil contains an important herb called Abre Camino. Abre Camino literally translates to “Road Opener”. The herb is known to help clear obstacles, remove blockages and increase the success rate to achieving your goals. It helps open doors to luck and prosperity and removes energies that are preventing you from achieving love, success, health, happiness, etc. It also helps open new doors and create new opportunities. You can get your own bottle of my “Road Opener” oil here.

All my intention candles are vegan friendly and handmade in Perth Australia by me in my own home with a lot of love and positive energy using only high quality crystals, dried herbs, dried flowers, soy wax and fragrance oils. All my candles are consciously cleansed, reiki blessed and charged to their specific intentions before, during the candle making process and after.

The candle contains around 300g of wax and will give you an amazing 45-50hrs burn.

Candle Details

Colour: Black candle with gold mica glitter powder in matte black opulent vintage style jars

Crystals: Black Tourmaline chips

Scent: Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Sandalwood
Spiritual properties: Peace, Protection, Shielding

Flowers: Lavender & Rose Petals
Best day(s) to burn this candle: Saturdays

You are precious to us! Please take care when using our candles. You can find safety tips and our disclaimer here.

Scented Intention Candle - Serve & ProtectScented Intention Candle - Serve & ProtectScented Intention Candle - Serve & Protect