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Carla Morrow

Enchanted Blossoms Empowerment Oracle

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Palm-sized dragons with butterfly wings alight on a bouquet of wisdom in this charming oracle deck. Drawing on memories of growing up in her family's flower shop and inspired by The Language of Flowers, fantasy-artist Carla Morrow combines the ornate feel of Victorian-era illustration with her exquisite winged creations to deliver a whimsical deck full of insight and wonder. There are messages in the flowers. They go beyond words to convey hope, love, beauty, comfort, encouragement and more. The enchanted blossoms and their unique companions are ready to lift your spirits and help you discover the delights and positivity in your day-to-day life.  

 This Enchanted Blossoms oracle deck features:

  • Storage box
  • 44 card deck with colourful contrasting fantasy imagery 
  • 108 page whimsical guidebook to provide clear, loving guidance to those who seek it 
Enchanted Blossoms Empowerment OracleEnchanted Blossoms Empowerment Oracle